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AfroQuiz 2018 Is A Wrap!

Congratulations to all the contestants of AfroQuiz 2018!

AfroQuiz 2018 began with the sights and sounds of its house band, Mbira Renaissance, who set the mood for some Afro-Canadian trivia. The screen displayed the names and faces of the judges who would be making decisions on point allocation for some of the answers given by contestants. The images also highlighted some of the sponsors and supporters of AfroQuiz.

Soon, AfroQuiz six-time emcee, Karlus Andrews, arrived on stage to welcome everyone to the event and help relieve some of the nervous jitters of the participants. He also called on Mayor Don Iveson to make a few remarks about the state of race relations in Edmonton. He later tweeted:


Following the Mayor’s speech, MLA David Shepherd graced the stage. As an avid supporter of AfroQuiz, he congratulated contestants and spoke to the bravery required to be part of a competition.

Once the brief speeches were finished, it was time for the main AfroQuiz competition!

As always, we started with the youngest age group (9 & Under), followed by the 10-12-year-old age category. There was a change this year to give each contestant the opportunity to answer at least one question without having to buzz in. This was a result of some of the feedback received at previous AfroQuiz competitions.

AfroQuiz soon moved on to the older age categories, 13-14 and 15-17-year-olds. The older category had a few last-minute cancellations so audience members were encouraged to compete, making it a full category. Children from all age groups competed which livened up the competition.

Approximately 80% of the contestants had never competed at AfroQuiz before and did a great job at answering the clues in the form of a question. This year, the top scorers received an iPad for first place, a certificate for wall climbing and a gift card to a local electronics store.

Congratulations to all the AfroQuiz 2018 top scorers!

9 & Under

  1. Elijah
  2. Emani
  3. Tipa


  1. Taswana
  2. Emmanuel
  3. Hudson


  1. Naomi
  2. Neesa-Chae
  3. Faustina


  1. Debra
  2. Ebony
  3. Naomi



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