AfroQuiz and Black History Month

AfroQuiz is one of many events in Edmonton and around Canada that takes place during the Black History Month which celebrate the rich history and accomplishments of African and Caribbean descent.

The Government of Canada continues to support AfroQuiz and many other Black History Month festivities and events around Canada that recognize and celebrate black achievement. We are honoured to once again receive support from the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Community Support, Multiculturalism, and Anti-Racism Initiatives (CSMARI) program.

Inspired by the theme of the United Nations’ International Decade for People of African Descent (2015-2024), the 2020 theme for Black History Month is: “Canadians of African Descent: Going forward, guided by the past.”

Black History Month in Canada

Learn about how Black History Month came to be recognized in Canada.


Black on the Prairies Teacher Guide


“Black on the Prairies is a CBC multimedia project showcasing articles, essays, stories, audio, music and poetry that takes the viewer on an exploration of Black life on the Prairies; past, past and future.”

The teacher’s guide, written by Sarah Adomako-Ansah and Natasha Joachim presents teachers with a curriculum to navigate the Black on the Prairies website. The curriculum covers content from grades K-12 as well as key Black history terms. 

The guide can be found below.

Project Saqqara


Project Saqqara is an educational resource that provides content and training on Africentric resources and training to boost aspiration by replacing stereotypes with the brilliance of 5000 years of African civilizations. The resource aims to maximize student accomplishment, so students become happy, productive, innovative, and collaborative adults who improve every organization and community they enter.

ACC Books in Colour


In partnership with the Edmonton Public Library, The Sickle Cell Foundation of Alberta led by Dr Jean Walrond was able to create a list of books for a curriculum called “Books in Colour” which is geared towards children from grades K-12.  The curriculum is meant to highlight the lived experiences of both African and Caribbean Canadians, and act as a resource guide for K-12 teachers in Alberta that are looking to focus on Black Canadian history, experience and culture. Dr. Walrond credits the inspiration for this exercise from research she did during her 2008 dissertation, but the ultimate force being the civil unrest and anti-racism discord that arose as a result of the murder of George Floyd in the summer of 2020.

There are over 300 books in the collection that were individually chosen by both African and Caribbean students who came through the Alberta school system.  The students were instructed to choose books that they found resonated with their experience as Black Canadians. Dr Walrond placed an emphasis on choosing books that could fill in the gap of what students felt was missing from their curriculum regarding anti-racism discourse and the experiences of Black Canadians. The current titles in the collection cover a wide range of topics that adequately reflect these experiences and in a delicate and nuanced way. 

As of now, the guide is led by Albertan educators and advocates, but Dr Walrond hopes to one day have students who have recently graduated high school go back to their schools and organize book clubs to introduce the books in the collection to their peers and former teachers. She also hopes to see this curriculum expanded to K-12 schools all across Canada. 

All ACC Books in Colour information can be found below.

And Still We Rise: A Black Presence in Alberta in the 1900's-1970


This exhibit by Dr. Jennifer Kelly explores the formation of Alberta’s Black Communities from the late 1800’s through the early 1970’s.  The exhibit uses both photo, video and interview content giving the viewer a sense of the lived experiences of those highlighted in the exhibit.

The virtual exhibit can be accessed below.

Black on the Prairies

Land of the Living Skies, 2021 (Omayra Issa)
Land of the Living Skies, 2021 (Omayra Issa)

What does it mean to be Black in the Prairies. With over 200 years of recorded presence in the region, it is not possible to find a single definition.

In this CBC project lead by Omayra Issa and Ify Chiwetelu brings you stories, articles and essays to inform and explore the richness and diversity of the Black experience in the Prairies – past, present and future.

This project aims to bring light to Black people’s experiences in the Prairie narrative by covering five themes of Migration, Putting in Work, Black and Indigenous Relations, Politics and Resistance, and Black to the Future.