CCACH + APPLE = Big Win!

When Apple reached out to CCACH to do a free session for CCACH students, it was an offer that could not be refused!

On November 11, Apple Geniuses taught CCACH students about photography and coding. Registrants from ages 5-13 were engaged in hands-on activiites using iPads to learn to take photographs. The children learned photography techniques around portraits, macro, action, perspective and lighting & shadow available on Apple products.

CCACH & Apple Photography Workshop

The second hour was spent learning about coding. Despite some of the students not knowing how to read, they could all easily understand the fundamentals of coding through trial and error. The older children could create more complex codes in their programs even though, for most, this was the first time they ever tried coding. “It’s like learning a new language,” said the Apple Genius hosting the session. “Coding can be used for games, phone apps and almost every computer program; so it’s really important to get kids to learn coding from a young age.”

Children can continue to learn how to code through Code.Org and Apple’s downloadable programme, Swift Playgrounds.

CCACH & Apple Coding Workshop

Thanks to the engaging Apple Geniuses during the workshop, the students had a great time learning many tips and tricks and walked away with a lot of new knowledge that they can use at school and at home. Apple holds sessions of these kind every Saturday for children, which are free and open to the public. For information, please visit their Kids Hour page.

The CCACH session on Saturday ended with free giveaways for all attendees, where everyone was a winner! They were able to choose from Apple gift cards, CCACH water bottles or AfroQuiz t-shirts.

Be sure to join us for AfroQuiz 2018 on February 24, 2018 where contestants will have the opportunity to win Apple iPads, among other prizes.

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