Registration for CCACH Tutoring Now Open

CCACH has been at the forefront of education for Edmonton’s youth since its inception more than 25 years ago. While the organization may have evolved over the years, they have remained true to providing opportunities to learn for the community.

One of its core programs, is the CCACH Tutoring Program that is open to children in grades 1 through 12, across all subjects. The Tutoring Program not only provides students additional support on subjects on which they are having difficulties, but also gives them the opportunity to raise their self-confidence as they excel in school. For students who simply wish to stay on top of their subject matter or get ahead, the Tutoring Program also offers them support to reach new heights in their academics.

Differing from other tutoring programs in the city, CCACH provides tutors of a shared lived experience who understand what it is to go through the Alberta school curriculum as a member of the African or Caribbean community. The tutors are most often university students or graduates who relate well to our youth and become a mentor to them.

The program is also one-on-one, providing individualized attention for each student for 60 minutes each.

Also different from other tutoring programs in the city is CCACH’s accessibility. From September through to June, every Saturday (except holidays), tutoring takes place in a downtown location making it accessible for families from anywhere in the city.

The tutoring program is also very affordable at $100 per student, for the entire academic year. Discounts for siblings are available and for parent volunteers of CCACH. Please email to ask about discounts.

Registration for the CCACH Tutoring Program is now open through our website

N.B. Parents and students are invited to attend the Open House on Saturday, September 30 starting at 11am where light refreshments will be served. 



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