Liz Waiyaki


Liz Waiyaki


Liz has a degree in Political Science with a minor in Sociology and her main interests while studying were in human rights, and issues surrounding women, youth, immigrants and refugees. She started volunteering from her pre-teens onward, which fueled her interest in humanitarianism and influenced what she wanted to study in University.

Liz is also a born music-lover. Her love of singing and dancing got her signed up for ballet at the age of 3 and she never looked back. Liz took ballet her entire childhood, went on to the Okoto African Dance group, did some school plays, sang in school and youth choirs, performed at functions, weddings and Heritage Days for several years, and even learned how to play the piano and guitar, which, she now admits, has since forgotten.

Besides performing, her other loves are varied but generally fall in art, history, literature, architecture, fashion design and traveling.