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Volunteer Opportunity: CCACH Board Member

The Council for Canadians of African and Caribbean Heritage (CCACH) volunteer board is looking for a new community member to join its team. The CCACH board is a working board whereby members lead the organization but also do double duty as the staff. Members of CCACH’s working board are expected to be be involved in project management.


Who is CCACH?


CCACH focuses its efforts on undertaking and supporting activities that enhance the social, economic and educational life of the African and Caribbean heritage communities within the Edmonton Metro Region. CCACH promotes an understanding of the benefits of cultural diversity as an integral component of Canadian life, and increases awareness of Black Canadians’ participation in and contribution to society


What are we looking for?


The CCACH board is seeking a vibrant community ambassador to bring innovation, passion and strategic planning to further our reach to the Edmonton and greater Alberta communities. A committed CCACH board member will:


  • Promote CCACH values
  • Have previous board experience
  • Establish and promote CCACH as a community ambassador
  • Be available to meet once a month for 2 hours every third Thursday
  • Keep a pulse on upcoming events in the African and Caribbean communities
  • Have a desire to grow CCACH fundraising activities
  • Support the CCACH mentoring and tutoring programs
  • Support working groups/sub committees
  • Build partnerships with other organizations or community resources


If you want to volunteer, or would like to nominate a board member, please contact CCACH president, Siyani Nsaliwa at with a CV and letter of intent identifying your interest in the organization, your most relevant skills, abilities and experiences.


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